The Face of the Waters

The seventh and final episode in the weekly series reflects on how the AUM mantra acts as the “word of beginnings” when water droplets are constrained in a way similar to how luminous forms appear in the woods at ECETI “like waves of light cresting on a sea of green.” NEWS FLASH: UFO Mountain to be made into a feature-length production. Story continues in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for

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4 thoughts on “The Face of the Waters

  1. mark mellein says:

    ufos are in thease mountains in ojai calif 93023 the same as to what i seen on this clip dont know why there are so many but there here right now in these mountains .in tunnels that conect to other tunnels to ufo ships on the ground

  2. Mark mellein says:

    I now have a vortex viper scoop 20:60:80 with an adapter for my iPhone to marrow I will start to film them in the mountains around ojai. Now I can get pictures of them and put them on the enternet I can’t wate. I have to try to bring them to town so all can know of them ufos. I hope the time is now

  3. Mark mellein says:

    My lungs are really in bad shape: I guess the activity in the mountains doesn’t matter any more. I wonder if the ufos have something to do with it. It seems that by not breathing right keeps me away from studying them

  4. Mark mellein says:

    Look on YouTube… UFO encounter lion st. 330am…. It’s about red UFO orbs that came to study me in the night

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